A Bee Student

On Wednesday, darting down the road from my Schools Attuned workshop, I was enjoying my bike ride after a long day of new information.  Gliding over the smoothly paved road between the 134 and Griffith Park, I was enjoying the subtle downgrade that made the task a little more palatable.

“Oh, what’s that,” I thought, as I saw a bird maneuvering through the air.  There sure were a lot of people sitting in their cars on the side of the road, encroaching on my bike lane.  “They better not open their door at the last second!”  And then I noticed a black dot, entering stage left as I was going towards the stage.

A collision ensued and I thought nothing of it.  I pedaled a few more rotations and then I felt a new sensation, one that I’ve never felt before.  “(Expletive)!” I shouted, “What is this?”  I pulled at my teal tank top at the epicenter of the feeling and kept pulling until I felt like I got it, whatever it was, out (I still don’t know if I did).  The sensation of pinching, with the heat of fire and the numbness of Novocaine made me stop.

My left anterior abdomen area was tingling and I didn’t get to see what decided to impale me.  My best guess would be a bee, because, you see, I believe ’twas a bee!  But I will never know.  Three days later, and I still have a red, itchy irritation to commemorate this act.

Going back to the, week long, workshop on how to effectively teach different types of students, I looked back to my own pupil experiences.  I was a B/B- student.  I made it through school doing what it was that I needed to do.  I never stressed about academics and I had a pretty good balance with the other aspects of, elementary through university, life.

If I had more teachers that tried to meet me on my level and assisted me to figure out how I learn, I wonder how I would have fared as a student.  Maybe I would have known how to re-calibrate in a class that I didn’t find interesting.  Perhaps I could have learned how to fortify my strengths, as opposed to highlighting my shortcomings.  Who knows? From what I learned this week, I will do my best to implement some new strategies, in order to assist young learners in their education.

Evelyn Update:  This whole week, while I’ve been in class, Evelyn has been living the life!  Continuing her dance classes, meeting up with friends and family, “girl talk”, receiving a Thai massage and flaunting her new up do.  I won’t attempt to share what experiences she had, but she’s having a good time and radiating her radiance, which very rarely retreats.

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