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I rode a horse today!


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Sopa Paraguaya…

8 cups corn meal ¼ cup oil 4 cups cheese (or more 🙂 ) 3 eggs 2 onions 4 ½ cups milk (approx) 3 tablespoons self-rising flour 2 teaspoons baking soda Anis (optional) (In honor of the book I’m reading “Like … Continue reading

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Seeds need not speak when they are ready.  Without effort they, once again, find themselves embraced by their earth.  A place where they can be nourished and grow to their full potential.  The ability to know that it was the day … Continue reading

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When My Breath Stinks…Let Me Know!

When I wake up out here it always feels like a new day.  I can barely have any sleep and be as tired as a wheel, but still, I keep on turning. Out here it takes a lot of energy to … Continue reading

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