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Snake on a Plain

So I was ”standing in the sun, getting black as I want,” preparing this garden that we are trying to get growing.  I was just turning the compost, waiting to finish up a good session and then…out of the right … Continue reading

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Hora Paraguaya

Sorry it took so long to get another blog up, but we’ve been practicing Hora Paraguaya. “What is Hora Paraguaya?” you ask… well, to keep it short, it’s CP time! Here in Paraguay, it’s rude to be on time; that’s … Continue reading

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That’s The Answer To That Question!

Sometimes we find ourselves lying in bed, waiting for dreams to wake in our mind; thankful for the fan over our heads in this sub-tropical weather.  Sounds from the little frogs and big toads outside, with crickets and the tranquil … Continue reading

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Seeds need not speak when they are ready.  Without effort they, once again, find themselves embraced by their earth.  A place where they can be nourished and grow to their full potential.  The ability to know that it was the day … Continue reading

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Un Trueno

Those things that they called Thunder Storms in L.A., where there are 3 lightning bolts and 2.5 thunder jolts, are a joke.  Last night, until early this morning, the thunder was booming and it was raining felines and canines.  Speaking of dogs, … Continue reading

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Look At My Foot!

Since we are in a routine now, the days seem to melt together.  I am drained by 12 noon and the lunch that I eat is full of meat and starch…  So you can imagine how difficult it is for me to … Continue reading

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I To Write The Blog

I to write the blog… This is how I feel I am speaking in spanish right now. I can barely get by, but at least I am getting by!  There have already been times in these last two weeks where … Continue reading

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