Walk It Out

Yesterday evening, I decided to hike.

A winding trail, seemingly, never ending. The gradual incline provided a formidable replacement for missing my bike ride to Santa Monica.  I was out there for two hours and 15 minutes.  It took me one and a half hours to reach the summit.  The total trip was, a jubilant, ten miles in length; round trip, from where I parked.  “You do the arithmetic.  Me do the language arts.”

I winded through Brown Mountain, with the sun painting me a few shades darker.  On the other side of the mountain, I felt relief from the radiant light.  I can’t even count the number of lizards and birds that I saw.  At the beginning of the hike, I would jump a little when I heard something rustle on the side.  As I went further up, I was more relaxed and less ecophobic; taking in the different aromas and sights that revealed themselves.

With mountain bikers passing me with intense looks of determination on their faces, I briskly took my time to reach First Saddle (My destination).    It felt good to climb this mountain.  My body appreciated it.  My mind was thankful for the break.  And my soul, my soul couldn’t contain itself.  I was smiling, jumping, talking to myself in spanish and working on some Tae Kwon Do moves.  To onlookers, I probably appeared to be a little off my rocker.  A crazy mountain man with Locs on his head, they might have presumed.

There are way too many trails around the greater Los Angeles area to not take advantage of.  I look forward to more exploring of these massive lumps of earth that make me feel insignificant at times.

Ted, if you happen to read this, I’m at 14 Mountain Ache Miles; I’m coming for ya!

If anyone wants to go hiking, let me know.

Evelyn is wrapping up her ballet class and her teacher ran out and was speaking to someone at the front desk.  I overheard their conversation.

“There’s this new girl that is actually pretty good for her first time”

“What’s her name?”

“I don’t know,” burped the reacher.

This is when I intervened, “It could be my wife, Evelyn.”

The teacher responds, “What is she wearing?”

So I say, “The gray, cotton, tights and the aura, also known as the glow (go to 1:02).”

He nodded and knew exactly who I was talking about.

As usual, Evelyn is leaving an impact wherever she steps.  I’m happy to be walking with her; sometimes in front, sometimes in back but usually beside her.

With all of this walking, we’re going to have some really strong legs!

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