Plié, From First Position

“I’m nervous,” utters Evelyn.  “I don’t want to be laughed at.”

These were the words before Evelyn’s, first time, attempt at ballet class.  Her excitement mixed with some self doubt, makes for the perfect concoction, which might produce the next Josephine Baker or Rudolf Nureyev.  After two days of classes (of both ballet and tap), she decided to sleep in today and attend the evening session.

Oh, did I mention, that we biked 20 miles to her class and 20 miles back afterwards, during those two days?  Evelyn wants to be a superwoman, she’s already pretty close to it; as close as one could be, if you asked me.

“How was it?” I inquired.

“It was challenging.  I didn’t know any of the terms, I was just trying to mimic what everyone else was doing.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Yeah, but… it was challenging!”

This was after the first class.  Later that evening, after biking for two hours and changing a flat, she rested up (about 45 minutes) and went to her first tap class, as well.  She really enjoyed this style of dance.  Can you picture her doing this soon? I know I can.  As a matter of fact, if she cuts her hair and grows a mustache… she’d be a shoo-in for a Gregory Hines look alike competition.  I’m just kidding.

It’s been great getting up early and tackling the day.  Getting up before the shell of the clouds crack, to expose the yolk in the sky.  Hitting a few hills on the bike, creating abstract art under my underarms, making dark gray shapes on my silvery shirt.

Bike over car, almost, any day (I think we’ll be driving today).

We’re trying to create good routines to help us have a good summer.  Otherwise, L.A. will chew us up and swallow us!  And you know what happens after food passes through the digestive system.

We’ve been fortunate enough to see a few of our friends and family in the few days that we’ve been here.  We got to meet little Lucy and spend time, although briefly, with Our home-girl Jackie (See you at Friday Night Jazz!).  We were able to see our Uncle Tony and Liz; we shared a bunch of good laughs and tantalizing conversations.  By the way, they just came back from a three week trip to Europe, of which they have an abundance of captivating photos.

As we continue to dance through the summer, we will work on keeping the correct posture and being light on our feet.  Gracefulness is fundamental and persistence is crucial.  Our timing should be synchronized and we should pronounce our strength.  With repetition and plenty of rest, this wonderful time of the year will be just that, wonderful.

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