But I Still Get Overwhelmed

When I Look In Her Eyes!

With the nice cool weather (which is probably 80 degrees) we have been able to relax a little bit these last few days after a nice summer rain.  The bugs are still singing all kinds of songs with the dogs, roosters and toads performing backup.  The cicadas go all out with their voices; they leave you looking for them.  Though, the only time that they can be spotted is when they’re quiet.  And then you say, “Damn! That’s a big ol’fly!”

It’s Evelyn’s Birthday on Sunday!  I’ve spent a quarter of her life with her and look forward to that percentage increasing.  With all that we are doing out here, I get to see her continue to blossom into a wise and wonderful woman.  She has really pressed herself to push and reach and grab and assess her own limits!  I can’t wait to see what she does next…

Actually, she just finished   teaching her first, all women, dance class; and it seems to have gone well.  She came back with her little yellow shirt drenched in sweat.  She was probably dancing harder than the people in the class.  It was supposed to be once a week, but because it was so fun, I think that they convinced her to do it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday now; go ‘head Evelyn!

This class is important for the community, because usually the women here don’t have any extracurricular activities to go to.  I think that by providing this class, other projects or groups or business might start up.  But that’s just my idea; maybe it’s good in and of itself.

Jóvenes en Acción, held a movie night (Evelyn told you about it in the last blog; again, please add them on Facebook if you haven’t already) with free snacks and juice.  It was a success!  It was our favorite project that we’ve done to so far.  It was that good feeling of giving without expecting anything in return.  And, this time we were able to share that feeling with the group; I think they really enjoyed it.  There were about 100 people, mostly kids, which came through.  Hopefully we can do something similar again in the future.

Yesterday, we finished cleaning up our yard a little bit with the help of our neighbors (ages 8 &10).  Niko, came ready with his machete and made grass spaghetti !  He was hacking down that tall lawn that was growing in our front yard.  I was using the hoe to get a lot of the small weed sprouts before they grew into a mini jungle.  Yeni (Jenny), came over and wanted to sweep the dirt, which is actually pretty relaxing.  Sometimes I make a little Paraguayan Zen Garden after it rains when the sand has a little moisture and holds shape.  Evelyn helped gather the clippings up and put them in a pile to be dealt with later.

It was cool working together like this.  Usually I go out and try to do everything on my own and I get good work done; but afterwards I’m exhausted and the day has gone by.  When everyone works together, it’s more fun, more gets done and you build your relationships with your partners!  Speaking of my little partners, Niko and Yeni, when we were done they looked at me and smiled (I knew what that meant).  “Cuantos vas a pagarnos?”  (How much are you going to pay us?) I told them I would pay Yeni 10mil (about $2.50) and Niko 15mil.  So as I went to retrieve their proceeds, Niko says to me, “Dijiste 16mil para mi y 12 para yeni, verdad?” (You said 16mil for me and 12mil for Yeni right?).  I had to respect his hustle, but I corrected him and proceeded to pay them as we had agreed before.

This is not for Marlene Wilson!


If you get a chance, try to get in touch with her one way or another.  Hopefully we have electricity to try to talk on Skype or telephone or at least Facebook.

As always, we love you and miss you and look forward to catching up in the near future.

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8 Responses to But I Still Get Overwhelmed

  1. Debra says:

    EHappy Birthday Evelyn….Love you very much…we will party when you come home!!!

  2. Lisa says:

    Hey G! Kids, I am sorry I’ve been absent, life! But I think of you both driving past 401 Cochran on the way home from work. Happy Belated to Evelyn! Think of you often, miss you much,
    Lisa and Trent

    • evelyncook says:

      Hey Lisa!! No worries, thank you so much and we miss you guys too 🙂 Hopefully we’ll get together this year, Happy 2013!!

  3. anabeza says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve looked at your blog. Happy very belated birthday, new years, valentines day, lunar new year and etc..! Miss you both!

    • lisa bohannan says:

      Hey kids!  Happy, happy, merry, merry to you and E!  We miss you much, but know you are doing great work!  Enjoy the Spring, as long as it lasts.     Peace and Blessings! Lisa


      • dioncook says:

        Hey Lisa! How are you and Trent doing? Thanks for checking in on us. Oh, and it’s opposite out here, right now it’s fall and it’s about to be winter in a second. Take care!

    • dioncook says:

      Hola hermana! Happy everything to you too! You’ve been on our blog more then we have over the last 4 months… But we’ll put up a little update today. We’ll see you soon!

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