Here are some words that I heard from Dr. Reese…  The fish doesn’t know what water is.  It’s immersed in it and knows nothing else, nothing else to compare it to.  Only when it decides to emerge and break the un-known plane will it see that there is another ocean in the air, mountains and other beings living in it.  Being a fish, it will naturally return to the sea that birthed it, but life will forever be dissimilar.  We’re seeing a lot here, nothing that has changed us profoundly, but enough to make things different than they were before.  If we are fish, we would like to think of ourselves as Exocoetidaes.

The concept of time can be seen out here.  It’s been a slow and fast year to date.  In Los Angeles, time soars in a different manner; a discombobulating type of whirl wind… it can be a fun ride sometimes.  It’s hard to pay attention to the patterns that repeat themselves so efficiently back home.  It is busy in L.A., always something to do.  Here, there are also patterns, but you can inspect them and feel the breeze pass by during each millisecond.  At first, it was unsettling; it is just now becoming peaceful.  Having this stage in life where a weekday can be enjoyed shows a different possibility in life that didn’t seem thinkable previously.

Ok, enough of me attempting to examine life… everything is going good out here!  The garden is growing healthy (so far), our youth group is starting to take ownership of themselves little by little and we are enjoying every day that we have here, rain or shine.

Here’s the link to the facebook page we started up for our youth group: http://www.facebook.com/j.avilladelrosario

Hope that you enjoy the few pictures that we scrounged up.  Love you all!

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One Response to Bueno…

  1. sunkissis says:

    LOVE how amazing the mural turned out. It seems you guys are local celebrities out there just like you were in LA!! XOXO

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