Mr. T

Taking a shower in one of the nicest homes that we’ve been in, I was getting ready to finish when… out of the bottom of my eye… I saw… my first… living… tarantula…

I didn’t completely panic like you might think I would have (if you didn’t know, I am a borderline arachnophobe), I calmly tip—toed over the surprisingly peaceful spider, wrapped myself in my towel and went out to the hallway and gently called, “Victoria? Ummm, I found one.” Victoria is an ex-volunteer, she served back in the mid 90’s and loved it so much here that she built her retirement home outside of her old community.  We were very fortunate to meet her and she invited us to spend a few days in her, what they call here, estancia.  She is a traveling nurse and we have started talks about her possibly delivering our future child (take heed to the word future).  But I’m getting a little ahead of myself… back to Mr. T!  Victoria came out of her room, nonchalantly , looked at my eight legged amigo and said, “that’s a small one.”  She was probably internally laughing at this 6’4”guy in her hallway afraid of, “…a small one.”  “You forgot to turn off the water,”she exclaimed with a smirk as she corralled that beast onto a large square of cardboard and gently let it out of the window.

Meanwhile, Evelyn was in the room flossing her teeth, knowing better then to come out when she heard me call for Victoria.  She said, “I knew it was a Tarantula, I wasn’t comin’ out there!”

As you guys are out there getting over your Easter chocolate binges, I figured I would let you know a bit about Semana Santa.  The tradition here is similar, I believe, to that of many Latin American countries.  Being majority Catholic, there are different masses and religious activities that take course throughout the week.  Aside from that, there is also the Paraguayan spin on it.  On Wednesday and Thursday of last week, everyone made sufficient chipa and sopa to eat for the rest of the weekend.  No one cooked or did anything on Good Friday and lots of time was spent with friends and family.  We were not able to participate in everything because Evelyn was a little under the weather.  But this is the most important celebration in Paraguay and we will make sure that Evelyn loads up on her Vitamin C come this time next year!

Here are a few photos from the past few weeks.

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3 Responses to Mr. T

  1. Darwin Cook says:

    What no picture of Mr. T… Love you guys sorry I missed your call I was in Church. Talk to you soon.

    Love Dad

  2. Debra Cook says:

    My poor baby…what are you talking about boderline…you are an aracaphobic! Thank God somebody was there to save you!

  3. Lisa says:

    Hey G-kids! Sorry it’s been so long since I caught up with you, work and stuff took over. But I giggling about Mr. T. All is well in the neighborhood, not much to report! The two of you continue to amaze and inspire. Stay well! Peace and blessings,

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